A Theory of Progress Table Small Scale Model and A Theory of Progress Table in Progress

I’ve been working on both the small scale model and the sculpture of A Theory of Progress Table. I finished building the small scale model the other day and started painting it. I started by using gouache because I really like the brilliance of gouache paints but decided that it would be a bad idea to use it; gouache cannot be painted over because it becomes active again when water is applied. Since the model was going to involve a lot of touching up I figured that it would be better to switch to acrylic so I’m using  the same water based acrylic enamel that I used for Journey Into the Realm of Reason. Below is a photograph of part of it painted.

I also started making the table from the lattice strips that I got from work. I started by screwing down my chop saw and making a “stop” at one end so that my pieces could be cut exactly the same at 25.5 inches which is the width of 20 pieces of wood. I cut 106 and 6 of these (20 for the top and 96 for all 4 sides). After I was done with these I made a stop at 1.25 inches using a piece of wood and a clamp. I need over a 1000 of these so I’m going to cut bunches of them as I go. Below is a photo of the first 5 rows. There will be 48 in the end.  I sort of like the white and pale green colors of the original paint and I’ve been thinking about keeping it but I think it looks a little like a table from Crate and Barrel.

Table Small Scale Model in ProgressTable

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