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The Pleasure of Deceit Gouache

I finished the last gouache painting this weekend. These are all 6.75″x9″and painted on watercolor paper. Here it is.

The Pleasure of Deceit Gouache

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New Website

Last week I redesigned the website so that all of the artwork was categorized according to the dates that they were completed. I did this because I thought that splitting up the work according to their project names was too confusing for people to understand. The previous categorization method made sense to me but I started to feel like it was a hindrance in trying to get people interested in my work. Maybe less explanation would be less confusing. I also only have artwork going back 10 years on there and removed all of the “lesser” works in order to create a “greatest hits” website.

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Gouache on Paper

Here are 2 more gouache and acrylic paint on paper pieces. The last one that I’m going to do is a gouache reproduction of The Pleasure of Deceit2 3

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Tone Float

I finished a new gouache and acrylic painting last week called Tone Float that is part of the same series as The Pleasure of Deceit. Like The Pleasure of Deceit these paintings reference a partial viewing from the isometric perspective drawing series A Theory of Forms and Ideas. This continues my exploration into optics and perspective that I started with Opposition and Sister Squares are Reconciled. Right now I have 4 paintings planned of which The Pleasure of Deceit is the first. I’m going to make 4 small gouache and acrylic paintings on watercolor paper and then make them again larger. I’ve decided that I don’t want to continue to make the series the same size as The Pleasure of Deceit (36″x48″) but  to instead make them a 24″x32″ due to storage concerns and cost restraints; The Pleasure of Deceit hangs nicely over my fireplace but I’m afraid that, like the rest of the work that I make, the rest will be left to languish in deep, deep storage.

Tone Float is an album and song by the band Organisation, a precursor to Kraftwerk.

Here is a photograph of Tone Float and a photo of The Pleasure of Deceit above my fireplace.

Tone Float Gouache2015-01-18 20.48.04

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