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A Theory of Progress Small Scale Sculpture

Here is a photograph of the last A Theory of Progress sculpture. It was made so that it could be presented in 3 different positions.

A Theory of Progress Grid

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The Pleasure of Deceit Small Scale Sculptures

I finished the last sculpture in the Pleasure of Deceit series and then photographed all of them. I built this one last because it was the hardest to build since it had so many angles to cut and I was worried that it couldn’t be done. In order to make it more stable I put an extra piece on the back which can be seen in the second photograph. I also decided to paint this one with the same green gouache that I had used for the painting because I was a little tired of the gray paint combinations I had used for the other sculptures and wanted something different; this unfortunately creates a problem in presenting them as a series because one will be obviously different but I decided that I didn’t care in the end.

Here are all 4 sculptures photographed front and back to show both how they are viewed optimally and their construction. The front photograph of each of all of the sculptures have also been manipulated to create straighter vertical lines.

The Pleasure of Deceit FrontThe Pleasure of Deceit BackThe Visible and Invisible Front The Visible and Invisible Back
Tone Float 1 Tone Float Back Valis FrontValis Back

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