A Theory of Progress Table Small Scale Model in Progress

This weekend I finished the construction of the small scale model for A Theory of Progress Table. The model is 1″x2″x2″ and I made it using Balsa wood. I started by cutting the pieces fro the top and sticking them together with a piece of blue tape. I cut a piece of square wood to build the table around by subtracting the width of the slats on each side. I glued the block of wood to the underside of the top and clamped it to dry. I cut and glued the slats around the outside of the block, starting at the top and working my way down until I was even with the bottom. I alternated the slats so that it would look like every other row was turned perpendicular to the one before it and I will grid every other row to help with the illusion. I sanded all of the sides to make them flat. Over the next week or so I’ll begin making a grid on it and paint it. Here’s a photo of it before I sanded it but after I was done constructing it.


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Filed under Sculpture, Small Scale Model

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