Tunguska Pen and Ink Drawings 1 and 2

Here are 2 10″x12″ pen drawings that I did back in February but didn’t get around to photographing until now. I made them using a blue ball point pen and a compass. Luckily I had a compass with a long extension for it so that I could get at least 12 inches out from the center. These remind me a little of the I was a Landscape in your Dream series that I did that also used a blue ball point pen. I decided to only make 2 and the idea seems like a throw away idea; sometimes I get an idea and I just have to do it to get past it and that’s what this feels like.

The title comes from the Tunguska event which was a large explosion that happened in Russia in 1908. It flattened 770 square miles of trees.

Tunguska Pen Drawing 1 SmallTunguska Pen Drawing 2 Small

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