Mike Kelley quote

Here’s a good Mike Kelley quote that I found about art and entertainment.

I truly believe in the difference between art and life because I think art is political and thus it has to be symbolically separated from daily life otherwise it has no meaning. That’s why I disagree with (Alan) Kaprow because I think the less you separate life and art it doesn’t imply conscious motivation and thus it doesn’t imply will and thus it doesn’t imply resistance. And art is the only arena left in American culture in which difference is tolerated. I mean, I don’t even think it exists in politics, so I really think it’s the last vestigial. What scares me about contemporary art is the merging of it with the entertainment industry because once the entertainment industry can produce fake resistance then you don’t have a real resistance. So I’m against the idea of art being subsumed either by the political sphere or into the entertainment sphere. I think it has to be a separate social entity.

Mike Kelley

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