Dieter Rams

I saw an exhibition of Dieter Rams’ work at the San Francisco Museum of Art in 2012. He was an industrial designer who worked for Braun from the 1950’s on and designed many products from record players and radios to furniture and shelves. I really enjoyed this show, probably because I like the aesthetic of industrial design as a concept. I generally don’t like design and distrust it as a principal of art but I don’t mind it if it exists in its purest form. I recently came across his 10 principals for good design:

• Good design is innovative.

• Good design makes a product useful.

• Good design is aesthetic.

• Good design helps us to understand a product.

• Good design is unobtrusive.

• Good design is honest.

• Good design is durable.

• Good design is consequent to the last detail.

• Good design is concerned with the environment.

• Good design is as little design as possible.

t1_product_1339594600 t2_product_1302219143 t2_product_1306512941t2_product_1371204280

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