A Theory of Forms and Ideas Small Scale Sculptures #4, #9, #21 and #23 in Progress

Here’s a photo of #4, #9, #21 and #23 in progress. #9 is almost done. This one took a while since it needed to be made in stages. In this photo the inside has been painted black already which is necessary because it can’t be painted later. The next step is to tape over the inside again and then prime everything else. After it’s primed and sanded again I can remove the tape and finish spraying the outside surface black. #23 is also almost done. It only needs some final sanding on the edges and then it can be primed and painted. #4’s top is being clamped together while the glue dries. I’ll sand it tomorrow and then wood fill it a couple of times before I paint the underside and glue on the bottom piece. #21 is still in pieces but I’ll probably start gluing it together tomorrow.In progress

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