A Theory of Forms and Ideas Small Scale Sculptures #10 and #12 in Progress

Here’s a photo of #10 and #12 in progress on my workbench. I meant to put this up last week but I got lazy. #12 took a while to make because it was complicated to cut because of the many sharp angles. I’ve been working on these as much as I can to try and beat the cold weather. It’s been great working outside in the warm weather. I do most of my cutting and sanding outside to avoid getting dust throughout my studio. When it gets cold out I’m either going to have to do less cutting or put up some plastic to contain the dust.
Yesterday I bought some throw rugs for the floor which makes it feel a little nicer. I don’t generally like working on cement floors because they’re hard to keep clean, they’re cold and just not nice to walk or work on. I’m hoping to get some wood and Sheetrock for the walls soon so I can put some work on the walls. Unfortunately Lowe’s only sells 3/4″ thick smooth plywood which is expensive so I’m going to get 2 of these and put a piece of sheetrock on the wall next to my desk.


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