New Studio

So I made my move to New Paltz which is about a an hour and a half north of New York City. We rented a house for a year which comes with a garden house that I’ve cleaned out to use as my new studio. The space is around 200 square feet and is made entirely of concrete. The nice thing about the studio is that it has a door and a glass window that look out over a beautiful lawn and a garden that grows humongous sized sun flowers. It didn’t take me long to visualize how i wanted to use the space and part of my initial cleaning included moving some cabinets that were being used as storage inside to use as a workbench and to free up some space in the studio. There’s another room farther inside where I can keep my tools and have a work bench so I don’t need to clutter up my workspace with extra things.  Another nice thing about the space is being able to use the outside space so I don’t have to worry about cutting wood inside and making everything dusty;this might be tricky in the wintertime but its great for now. I plan on putting up three 4’x8′ sheets of hardwood plywood so that I have a surface to hang on but the wood is expensive and I have to buy 3/4″ unfortunately because Loews doesn’t sell 1/2″ thick smooth plywood. I’d like a cheaper alternative but I’m afraid that 1/4″ would be too thin and would ripple on the uneven wall behind it, making photography a nightmare. Another great thing about the studio is that there’s a Loews hardware store a block from the house which means no more long trips to get materials. My worktable in the studio is now a cool desk from the UN and a nifty adjustable lamp also from the UN ( thanks Ben Knight!) Below are some pictures of the studio after I cleaned it up and a picture of the back of the house with the door to my studio. Oh and we have a dog for a year named Pup Pup. There he is running in the garden!StudioStudio 2photo-4PupPup

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