A Theory of Forms and Ideas Drawings #3, #7, #9 and #18

I’ve been working on some perspective drawings that are based on the gouache paintings that I made from the A Theory of Forms and Ideas series. I took 15 paintings from the series that I thought would make good sculptures and rendered them in three dimensions using a technique that I learned in my three dimensional drawing class in college. This is the same class that I took where I also learned how to make small scale reliefs using chipboard that I talked about in I Was A Landscape In Your Dream. In the class I learned how to render objects in three dimensions and add shadows using known points. This was taught before computers were being widely used in order to accurately transfer a two dimensional object into three dimensions. For the A Theory of Forms and Ideas drawings I started by making a smaller version of the drawing on a piece of paper that would accommodate all of the points that I needed to complete the drawing. After I finished the drawing I scanned it into the computer, made it twice as large and then printed it back out. I traced the finished drawing onto another piece of paper and shaded it in using 2 different shades of pencil.

I’m hoping to make all 15 of the drawings and also make small scale models for them. I’m particularly interested in the drawings that have floating pieces that would not be physically possible to make. Below are the first 4 of the drawings and a drawing that shows the technique that I used to make them. These are #18, #3, #7, and #9.

1 2 3 4Scan 8

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