A Theory of Progress Table in Progress

Tomorrow I’m picking up a large quantity of wood strips from work that I’m going to use to make a small table. The table will be 12″x25″x25″ and will be made using 1/4″x24″ strips of colored wood. This will be a continuation of the A Theory of Progress project that I’ve been working on. I like this particular project because the colored strips of wood can be applied to an infinite amount of ideas with similar results to create a blanket “look” that is versatile and noticeable. In a way it’s half tongue-in-cheek since I really dislike design as a motivating factor in art and find that it’s a predatory philosophy within aesthetics. At the same time I find a small bit of joy at applying myself to simply designing and creating what is essentially furniture that I’m also going to try and claim is art. I also still have plans to make I Was A Landscape In Your Dream which is also going to be a table.

I made a couple of drawings of early designs but settled on a design that alternates the direction of the slats from row to row. The final design will be 48 rows high and 20 wide. Here is a sketch I made on the computer of the 4 sides and the top.


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