From the Light Above at OK Harris Gallery

I’m exhibiting From the Light Above at a group show at the gallery OK Harris Works of Art this summer from June 1st to September 3rd. The show is called Illuminators and all the works deal with light as a subject matter. It’s obvious why they chose my painting for the show since it’s literally a painting of a light. I thought about showing them The Architect’s Tomb but the gallery mostly deals with “realism” so I didn’t think that they’d be interested but it turns out that they have some abstract light pieces in the show as well. I’ve never shown The Architect’s Tomb and I’ve shown From the Light Above a couple of times so I would have rather shown The Architect’s Tomb. Also From the Light Above is almost 4 years old but that’s Ok, I’m just not that excited about it.  Here’s an updated statement that I wrote for it and an image of it.

From the Light Above represents one of mankind’s greatest inventions-light-and delivers it in one of its cheapest and most efficient forms: fluorescent. It is painted using the traditional techniques of under-painting and blocking. A thin wash of ultramarine blue gives the background a slight tone and helps create a rich, black surface. The light itself is blocked out with white acrylic paint, creating an almost pure white light in the finished painting.

From the Light Above by Brian Higbeeillumleft illumright

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