Associated Artists for Propaganda Research Archive and Approved Stamps

In 2001 I made a couple of stamps that I wanted to use for the vast collection of paper work that I had acquired for the Associated Artists for Propaganda Research. This included a lot of drawings, maps and other paraphernalia that I had been collecting over the years. I thought about creating an AAPR archive and creating a stamp that would “make official” anything that I wanted to include in the archive; I also thought that it would be funny to also create an “approved” stamp for the objects that I agreed with. I enjoyed the idea of creating the stamps since it related to my days as a printmaker, had slightly honest intentions and was a little tongue-in-cheek all at the same time. I used these stamps on only a handful of artworks, mostly drawings and plans from my previous two AAPR installations, before retiring them. I also thought that they would be great aesthetically in a “retrospective” as ephemeral objects from a previous time. Who uses stamps anymore?

I forget that so much of what I did back then was not classified as art. This is what was so appealing about it. How could stamps from Kinkos be art? I didn’t care and I still don’t. It was fun.

Here is a photo that I took in 2011 when I was updating the AAPR website and thought that the idea was a welcome addition to my archive of imagery.

Associated Artists for Propaganda Research and Brian Higbee AAPR Stamps

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