Associated Artists for Propaganda Research Stickers

I’ve been thinking for some time now about making a book about the Associated Artists for Propaganda Research that would act as a catalogue for all of the projects that I developed for it. I find that with art projects I tend to bounce back and forth between showing only what I think is “important and impressive” artwork and all of the “failed” projects that never saw full fruition. Below is a series of graphics that I did that became stickers for various projects that I either made, had made, or never made at all. I like to mix up the kind of medias that I use and I would often make stickers and other propaganda for the project that I was working on so that people would have a piece of free propaganda to take away from my shows. Often I would never get the stickers printed and they only existed as digital copies since I couldn’t always get the the projects exhibited. Early on I was interested in making stickers that were akin to those made by punk rock bands and wanted to mimic the look.

I have since removed most of the unused graphics from the existing AAPR website for the most part because I’m not sure if they really qualify as art. The idea of something not really being art excites me and stickers were something early on that I was really attracted to as ephemeral objects that could be taken and/or discarded as need be. I used a lot of these for my first AAPR website and even came up with texts that aligned the poster/sticker with a point in the AAPR’s fake history; One of the earlier ideas for the Associated Artists for Propaganda Research was to create a fake timeline for its various activities that would place it farther back in history than it really was. Here is a selection of stickers. The earliest ones were used using sticker paper and xerox machines and the last 3 I had “professionally” made.

Office of Strategic Affairs Original Stickerconsumestickersboywithgun1An Architect for Future Gen. StickerBlack Box Logo Sticker OriginalHesWatchingYouTank Sticker (No Layers)AAPRPlaneDiagramSticker

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