A Theory of Forms and Ideas Gouache Paintings in Progress

I made some more gouache on paper paintings today and yesterday. Here’s a composite of what 12 of them look together.

Also here’s something that I found today on Wikipedia when I was looking up information on the Avant-garde. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the role of art in society and feel that it’s only real purpose is as a product/idea of continual change outside of economic influence and egotistical personal gain. I’ll write more about this at another time.

The Frankfurt School coined the term mass culture to indicate that this bogus culture is constantly being manufactured by a newly emerged Culture industry (comprising commercial publishing houses, the movie industry, the record industry, the electronic media). They also pointed out that the rise of this industry meant that artistic excellence was displaced by sales figures as a measure of worth: a novel, for example, was judged meritorious solely on whether it was a best-seller, music succumbed to ratings charts and the blunt commercial logic of the Gold disc. In this way the autonomous artistic merit so dear to the vanguardist was abandoned and sales increasingly became the measure, and justification, of everything. Consumer culture now ruled.

The avant-garde’s co-option by the global capitalist market, by neoliberal economies, and by what Guy Debord called The Society of the Spectacle, have made contemporary critics speculate on the possibility of a meaningful avant-garde today. Paul Mann’s Theory-Death of the Avant-Garde demonstrates how completely the avant-garde is embedded within institutional structures today, a thought also pursed by Richard Schechner in his analyses of avant-garde performance.

Composite 2

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