In Progress

Today I re-stretched the 4 pixel paintings that I took to The Hague and then varnished 3 of the pixel paintings and Nothing Ever Stays the Same and Nothing’s Explained. I decided a while ago that I needed to start varnishing my paintings to keep the sun from affecting the colors and to keep them from getting dirty in my studio. Unfortunately varnishing comes with its own risks and ultimately changes the surface of the painting but this can’t be helped. I like to use Golden Matte varnish with UV protection in it (UVLS). It’s important to make sure that the surface of the painting is clean before you start otherwise dirt, dust and hair will get stuck in the varnish and dry there. I allow a certain amount of surface imperfection but I make an effort to pull out anything that I think will be a noticeable distraction.

I also started working on these small gouache paintings. They were made using cheap paper that I bought in China many years ago that school children use. I wanted to get away from feeling like I needed to make pristine objects and instead wanted to use a water based medium that would ultimately wrinkle and semi-destroy the flatness of the paper. I want them to exist as tactile objects. The compositions are taken from old corporate logos that I cropped into abstract shapes. Again, I’m not sure how these pieces fit into a larger context within my work; I’m only interested in pursuing my interests intuitively without any concern for how it might or might not benefit my less-than-stellar art career.

Scan 1Scan 2

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