Interview with Artcodex at the Dakota Theater

Here is an interview that we did for a theater space where we showed some work last night. It was part of a concert series called Edition Eight Handmade Homegrown at Theater Dakota in The Hague.


April 15, 2013

Artcodex: Ghost Modernism

The New York art collective Artcodex will be residing in The Hague Sunday 14 to Sunday 28 April at Quartair. Featuring Shelly Bahl, Bibi Calderaro, Glen Eden Einbinder, Mike Estabrook, Brian Higbee, Vandana Jain, Ben Knight, Emmanuel Victor Migrino, Alan Moore, Huong Ngo and Mike Radar, they will open ‘Ghost Modernism’ 20 April –

We are so happy that they join us as guests for Edition Eight Handmade Homegrown concert series at Theater Dakota in The Hague.


1) who is artcodex? where are you based? what do you do?

We are a bunch of artists mostly living and working in Brooklyn, New York. We like to work collectively so that we can pursue ideas that fall outside our usual individual practices, and engage in more social and experimental ways of creating art. We often incorporate travel into our collective practice to interact and exchange with other artistic communities, and to create work that involves the audience.

We often talk about how we see the New York art world as dominated by two main forces, the art market and art academia, (i.e. theory). Through our collective practice, we strive to find a third path, one that is neither elitist nor hierarchical, and allows access to people without regards to economic status or specialized education.

2) what is ‘ghost modernism’?

Ghost Modernism started off as a pun, a funny turn of phrase that seemed to hit an important chord in our creative consciousness, which has developed into a re-examination of modernism and post-modernism.  Though originally rooted in radical thought, modernism has now become co-opted by corporate consumer culture.  In the U.S, when we think of utopic strivings such as communes (and communism) we think of them as flawed and practically unattainable. The notion of voting with our dollars has overtaken any real political activity, besides the quadrennial casting of votes for red or blue.

For us, Ghost Modernism is not the next stage in a linear evolution so much as the creation of a new space to think differently. It is a place where we can reclaim the utopian hopes of Modernism informed by the contextual critiques levied by Post-Modernism.

3) modernism, post-modernism and the utopian dream – discuss…!…?

The work we’ve created that most literally deals with these inquiries is our venn diagram piece. It is made of three intersecting circles, each representing Modernism, Post-Modernism, and Ghost-Modernism. We created this chart directly on the wall with blackboard paint, and have made both chalk and erasers available.  Anyone is invited to list their notions of the characteristics of each, and to erase any previous entries with which they disagree.

As the Netherlands has a long history of engaging with modernist aesthetics and ideas, as well as a deep relationship with both co-operatives and with social democracy, we are especially interested in the unique perspectives that working with a Dutch audience will bring.


Artcodex will open their exhibition at Quartair on April 20 –

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