A Non-Representative Model for Incomplete Ideas (Intricate Structure #3) Small Scale Model in Progress

This weekend I started a new small scale bass wood sculpture as well as working on the “house” sculpture that I finished last week. The new sculpture that I’m working on is from one of the ink transfer drawings that I made a couple of weeks ago and is 9″x6″. This one is going to be flat  but utilizes perspective which should make it interesting in the end. It’s going to be difficult to make because it has a lot of angles so clamping it together while the glue dries will be challenging. It will also need a lot of wood filler and sanding since there are so many places where the wood joins together. Last night I tacked it down and sprayed it with Windex to straighten out the sides and flatten it. Here is a photo of the initial stages of the gluing process and the ink transfer drawing that I made.



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Filed under Drawing/Works on Paper, Sculpture, Small Scale Model

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