A Non-Representative Model for Incomplete Ideas (Intricate Structure #2) Small Scale Model

So last week I was having trouble with the  A Non-Representative Model for Incomplete Ideas (Intricate Structure #3) Small Scale Model. The problem was that I wanted it blue, which was the color of the original ink transfer drawing that I made. I started by spray painting it with a gloss dark blue which I didn’t like at all so I painted it with Ultramarine Blue (Deep) gouache which was nice but splotchy. I sanded it again and spray painted it with some Gold Brand Acrylic spray paint that was dark blue. This was acceptable since it only had a slight sheen to it. I photographed it but as I was moving it from the photography table it fell to the floor and broke in 7 places. It must have hit just right because it landed flat, on a rug, from only about 3 feet. Oh well. I glued it back together and wood filled it and sanded it again. I decided at this point that I didn’t like the finish from the last spray paint can and I didn’t want to spray it again with that. I looked up Testors since I used their flat black and it turns out that they don’t make a flat blue. I bought another tube of Ultramarine Blue gouache since the other on was old, thinking that maybe if I used it straight out of the tube that it might not turn out splotchy. It did. I wiped it off and decided to spray it with the flat black instead and not worry about colors.

I think in the end that I’ll only make 4 in this series before I call it quits. I’m of the opinion that it doesn’t take long to figure out certain problems and that it’s better to move on once these things have been worked out. Here is the ink transfer drawing, the work in progress and the final photograph.

Scan 1Copy-Intricate Structure-HouseCopy-Intricate Structure-House-Finished-Brian-Higbee

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