Visitation, Ghost Modernism and Artcodex

Last week we (Artcodex) decided to make another film and set our sites on a visit to Piet Mondrian‘s grave which just happens to be in Brooklyn at Cypress Hill Cemetary. This is for the show Ghost Modernism that we’ve been working on at Bose Pacia down in DUMBO in preparation for our trip to The Hague in April. This is our sixth movie.

I’ve been to Mondrian’s grave before and the most fascinating thing is how unassuming his tombstone is and the way it gets lost in the rows of tombstones that look just like it. In classic Artcodex style we went to the cemetery not knowing what we were going to do and instead made it up as we went along. We took turns using the camera, acting and coming up with ideas. When we were done shooting we started editing pieces together, allowing a storyline to develop in the process. We settled on a simple structure where we would each approach Mondrian’s grave  and we would each have a different experience there. Mike disappeared, I looked up and saw the trees moving, Vandana saw rocks placed on the tombstone and Glen crawls backwards. Once the format was established the rest fell into place rather quickly. Most of the ideas we developed together as a group as we went along and later we each individually tweaked certain things according to our preferences.  The part where I look up at the sky and the trees was actually shot outside of Mike and Vandana’s house. The last sound that is heard is the hand dryer from the bathroom at the gallery that we then reversed, added sound effects to and layered with 3 versions. I did the final sound editing and added some ominous background music which fades in and out to finalize the movie. We named it Visitation. Here is a promo shot that Mike made and a link to the movie on Vimeo.


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