Modernist Jail

Two weeks ago I went to the hobby store to buy spray paint for the Copy (Intricate Structures) small scale model sculptures that I’ve been working on and found a railroading model of a state prison there. I bought it not knowing what I was going to do with it but decided that it would fit in nicely with the show that I’ve been working on with Artcodex at Pose Pacia on Ghost Modernism. I came up with the idea of making the prison as realistically as possible and using windows that use colors from the De Stijl movement.

I started by glueing it together and spray painting it with gray primer, the color of concrete. I used a knife to take out chunks of the roof wall and painted all of the window trim black . I used diluted black paint to add weathering to all of the windows on the watch tower and on the main building. I made the barbed wire using the insides of speaker wire that I cut open and wrapped around the end of a screwdriver. I spray painted the wire with German Gun Metal that I then dipped in diluted black paint. I made the windows using clear plastic from packaging material and printed out the window patterns on a computer.

I like the overall result and achieved the look that I wanted to get from the model even though I find the subject matter to be a little gimmicky and cliche. I like the idea of a dilapidated prison that has “modernist” windows in it. The implications are obvious I think. Here is a photo of the piece.

Modernist Jail Small Scale Model

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