Associated Artists for Propaganda Research’s Stencil Box for Spray Painting on Sidewalks

A couple of weeks ago I submitted a project to for a spray painting technique using a box and a stencil to spray paint on sidewalks. Here is a link and here is what I wrote and the photos that go along with it.

Title :

Associated Artists for Propaganda Research’s Stencil Box for Spray Painting on Sidewalks

Short Explanation:

This is a technique used for spray painting small stencils on sidewalks without being detected.

You will need:

A box

Spray Paint

Access to a computer and printer

Some thick matte paper


A knife

A buddy (Optional)

Step 1

Find an image you like on the internet with well defined lines. It should preferably be an image that criticizes authority or makes people think about topical government issues and not just images that are cool or propagate only your own reputation.

Step 1

Step 2

Edit it in image editing software so that it’s approximately 6″x9″. You may want words on there so look for a Stencil font (It’s in most common software packages or if it’s not you can find it on the internet.) After you’ve finished your design print it out in black and white on 10.3 mil or thicker heavy matte printing paper. You may need to turn it sideways before you print it.

Step 2

Step 3

Use a sharp Exacto knife to cut out all of the areas that you want to be spray painted. You may want to edit out details of your image in order to streamline your design or to avoid thin pieces of paper that may warp or get broken over time.

Step 3

Step 4

Find a cardboard box to use. I personally like a box that is 11″ High x12″ x15″ because it’s small enough to carry under one arm and large enough to spray paint in. Turn the box over and cut out a 7″x10″ hole on the bottom.  While it’s still upside down tape your stencil to the bottom. Make sure that it’s facing in reverse so when you flip it over it’s facing the right way.

Step 4

Step 5

Flip it over and put a can of spray paint in each corner (if you’re going to use 4 cans). Find thin strapping material (or string or tape) to secure the cans. If you use tape as a strap make sure to place tape over the sticky side so you can easily slide your cans in and out. Mark the box so you know which way the stencil reads. Shake all of the spray paint cans really well before you leave the house. You don’t want to be shaking them out in the street.

Step 5

Step 6

Get a buddy to act as a look out. If not it’s possible to do it on your own but you’ll have to be quick. Find a location and crouch down with your back against a wall. I don’t like to spray in residential areas or on private property but I don’t mind doing it in commercial districts or on sidewalks. Open the box and use the box’s top flaps to further mask your activities. Make sure no ones looking and spray!

Step 6

Step 7

Pick up your box and walk away.

Step 7

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