A Non-Representative Model for Incomplete Ideas (Intricate Structures #1 and #2) Small Scale Models in Progress and A Theory of Progress

Over the weekend I started building 2 small scale models from the A Non-Representative Model for Incomplete Ideas (Intricate Structures) series out of balsa wood. I also started working on a small scale model for an idea for A Theory of Progress sculpture that uses 2″x2″ pieces of colored wood to make a column. I made it using a 1/2″x1/2″x6″ piece of balsa wood that I painted black.  I used gouache paint to make blue, red, orange, green and yellow strips that I cut to different lengths and glued to the center piece of black balsa wood. The photo below shows the small scale model of the “house” in 2 parts drying with clamps, the Rodchenko small scale model part way done and at the bottom is the A Theory of Progress small scale model that needs some touching up before I take a better picture of it.


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