A Non-Representative Model for Incomplete Ideas (Intricate Structure #1) Small Scale Model in Progress

I decided to make a couple of small scale models of the ink rubbings from the A Non-Representative Model for Incomplete Ideas (Intricate Structures) series. The first one that I’m making is based on a hanging ceiling sculpture made by Alexander Rodchenko. I’m thinking about making a small scale model of the blue house as well at the same time since there is a lot of time waiting for the glue to dry. I’m making it out of 3/16″ pieces of hard balsa wood and Gorilla glue. When I’m done putting it together I’ll wood fill it, sand it and paint it flat black. So far I’ve cut out all of the pieces for the bottom frame and the top frame and I’ve glued the bottom together and put the cross braces in. In the photograph below the top frame is being glued together using corner clamps which are great for clamping corners together.

Building of Copy (Intricate Structures) by Brian Higbee

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