Future Living Projects 011010101010011011

Back in 2001 and 2002 I started thinking about how I wanted installation shots of some of my work in a gallery space even though I had no space to do this in. I hit upon the idea of making my own miniature gallery that I could shoot my work in and set out making it using foam core. I fantasized about purchasing a tiny light socket to enhance the realness of the situation but after going to several doll house stores found that they really don’t make them. For the initial project I wanted to use photographs that I had made and I wanted to make them look larger than they really were. They were photographs that I had taken off of the TV and were from the ATARI 2600. When the cartridge isn’t put into the console properly the result is a glitch of vertical bands of color that can be altered depending on how you manipulate the cartridge. I liked the randomness of this process and the “abstractions” that it created. I cut all of my photographs to the same size keeping the most interesting parts of the photograph. I made my gallery using tape to keep it together and made sure to make a glass door for it. I called it 011010101010011011 or something similar and even though I lost all of the original information for it, I’m pretty sure that this was an early Future Living Projects piece and may have been the first to use its name in the title. I installed the photographs on the walls of the gallery and took a series of installation shots of it. I never did anything with the resulting documentation and shelved the idea thinking that it was a dead end road. Recently I’ve been thinking about digging it out and using it to shoot some miniature work in. Here are the photographs that I took of it.

DSCF0158 DSCF0159 DSCF0160 DSCF0163

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