Nothing Ever Stays the Same and Nothing’s Explained

I finished the night sign painting today. It will take about a week or 2 to dry to the touch and another couple of months to be fully dry. I’ll have to wait until the weather is nice out before I can varnish it. After it dries the blacks should darken and the black from the background and the black from the sign casing and legs should blend together. Also the Matte Varnish that I use will flatten it even more. I anticipate that the only way to differentiate between the sign and the background will be from an angle and will only be noticeable at the edge by the strokes made by the brush as it meets the flattened background. I also plan on putting more Cadmium Red into the lights after it dries to help brighten the lights. Here it is in my studio. You really can’t see the greenish-yellow color of the sign in the photograph.

Light Painting on Roof small

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