The Birds of Extinction (North America) Target Linoleum Prints

In 2011, Artcodex, a collective that I’m part of, decided to make a zine called Flat Screen TV for a show down at Space 1026 in Philadelphia. The zine dealt with “narratives of extinction, parasitism and symbiosis, and hermaphroditism” and I decided that for the project I wanted to make a series of large fold out targets used for shooting practice that depicted extinct birds from North America. I used to be a printmaker and I was interested in finding a project to try linoleum cutting out on since I had never really tried it before. This was the perfect opportunity so I bought a linoleum cutter and some linoleum blocks and got to work. The first block I cut, a carrier pigeon, was a failure due to its lack of detail so I searched for birds with more intricate patterns. As I progressed I got better and better at controlling the blades of my tool and was able, in the end, to create very detailed relief cuts. I printed each block as I went in order to find a print that I could use for the final poster. I had decided in the beginning that it would be too difficult to actually cut out targets and lettering in the linoleum so I knew that the final product would be a combination of scanned hand printed relief prints mixed with computer generated graphics. I set out to find vintage targets to use as references for my posters;the best ones came from Sears Roebuck and I copied them so I could steal their formatting and target graphics. I decided to make 4 different centerfold posters so I designed them each with a different number of birds on them and with different kinds of targets on them. They were finally printed at 11″x17 and put in the centerfold of the zine. I’m not sure how these pieces fit in with the rest of my work and the prints themselves, without the targets, really aren’t that interesting to look at. Here are the 4 target posters:

Black Mamo Dusky Seaside Sparrow Eskimo Curlew Heath Hen

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