F-117 and 300+ Predator Drone Stencils

I made 2 stencils yesterday that I want to use to spray paint around my neighborhood. I see a lot of graffiti around but most of the time I think that it doesn’t seem to mean anything. I want to put something out there  that at least might make people think and not just be a cool looking design or my name. I started with the F-117 stencil. This is an image that I’ve used before many years ago. I painted one that was silver on silver. It turned out well but it was impossible to photograph. I also used the F-117 for The Shadow. The F-117 is a US Military Stealth Fighter and is used for its ability to strike while remaining undetected. It was widely used in Iraq. The second stencil I made was the Predator Drone. I later added the 300+ which is the amount of air strikes that the Obama administration has carried using Predator Drones on the Pakistani people. Here are some statistics from Wikipedia:

  • Total reported killed: 2,586 – 3,375
  • Civilians reported killed: 472 – 885
  • Children reported killed: 176

It’s cold out now so I’m not sure how many stencils I’ll actually make out on the street. We’ll see. These were made in the stairwell where I live.

F-117 StencilPredator Drone 300+ Stencil

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