The Black Box (Downing of Air Force One) and Epicenter City (Detail)

This is a photograph of The Black Box (Downing of Air Force One) that I took a long time ago and forgot about until I found it on the web. The_Black_Box_Detail_Brian_Higbee_Associated_Artists_for_Propaganda_Research The effect was made by accident because of the focus on my camera. The same effect happened in the detail shot of The Wall.  What I like about it is that it blurs the foreground and the background which is a technique that photographers use to make their photographs look like model landscapes. It’s called Diorama  Effect and it’s an easy effect to produce and creates some interesting photographs. I’ve often thought about photographing my model landscapes like this but have always decided not to. The reason I don’t is because then the photograph becomes art as well and the relationship between documentation and art become blurred and complex. I try and photograph my work so that it is as accurate of a representation of the work as possible. Below, just for fun, I used the Diorama Effect on a detail shot of Epicenter City. Epicenter_City Detail_2_Brian_Higbee_Associated_Artists_for_Propaganda_Research

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