After Capitalism’s Collapse

I made After Capitalism’s Collapse back in 2003 for a show at ABC No Rio called Disaster. The sculpture is of a rusted I-beam skeleton of a corporate building in a green tree filled landscape. The image comes from an unfinished corporate building that I used to see on the side of the highway in New Jersey on my way to and from NYC. It sat like that for almost 10 years and was just a shell of a corporate structure halted at the very beginning of the building process. For After Capitalism’s Collapse I imagined a model of this same structure but its state of decay is unclear; it can either be on its way to being built or on its way to being destroyed.

I already had the plexiglass top so I had a piece of wood cut for the bottom. Hardware stores sell kits that use a bolt and a piece of metal with threads in it that can be recessed so I drilled holes in the sides and attached the hardware. I made the landscape using railroading grass and green railroading trees. In a hobby store I found strips of plastic I-beams and I painted these using rust colored paint and attached it all with glue. When I was done I screwed it all together and luckily found a pedestal at the gallery that fit the piece exactly.

After the show was over, I left the piece in my van and somebody broke in and stole it. I had this funny image of somebody using it as a coffee table. Why would somebody want to steal it?

After Capitalism's Collapse by Brian Higbee and Associated Artists for Propaganda ResearchAfter Capitalism's Collapse (Detail) by Brian Higbee and Associated Artists for Propaganda Research

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