The Wall

In 2005 I was asked to submit work for a show called Three Cities Against the Wall about the large wall that Israel had built in Palestine to cordon off the Palestinian people and further plummet them into economic poverty. It’s basically a 25 foot high, 400 mile long wall that aims to segregate a whole population of people from another. Here are 2 quotes that I used for the text that went along with it. I should also note that I showed this piece under the name Associated Artists for Propaganda Research.

“The concepts of terrorism and retaliation are supple instruments, readily adapted to the needs of the moment.” N. Chomsky

“We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end.” G. Orwell

For the show I made a small diorama of a wall winding through a sparsely wooded landscape. I started with a large plexiglass case that I had gotten from work that was long and narrow. The base of the case had a nice wooden finish that I was eager to preserve in the final piece so I made sure to make my measurements so that the landscape left a one inch border around it. I decided that I wanted to use molding to finish the edges of the landscape so I adjusted for this in my measurements and then cut out the base for the landscape and cut the molding and attached it. For the landscape I wanted small hills so I used newspaper and glue to create a paper mâché terrain. When I was done with the paper mâché I let it dry and then cut my wall out of matte board and attached it with glue. I added small foam railroading trees that I ripped into smaller pieces to complete it. The final step was spray painting it with matte gray and attaching it to the base. When I was done I needed to make a pedestal which I made out of particle board. I put it together and wood filled and sanded it several times before painting it white.

This was the first time that I had made a sculpture landscape that I painted all one color. Usually my landscapes are left green (the color of the trees and grass) but for this was interested in creating a more somber feeling. I would later use this same technique for Epicenter City.

The Architect's Tomb by Brian Higbee and Future Living ProjectsThe Architect's Tomb (Detail) by Brian Higbee and Future Living Projects

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